If you are interested in Program Team Membership, please apply by sending your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn information to vanessa@essiejusticegroup.org by December 18.   Join our optional Informational Call to ask questions and learn more! Wednesday, December 9 at 2:00 p.m  (605) 475-4000; Access Code is 714645#. 

The Essie Justice Group Program Team is a tight-knit group of approximately 10 highly-skilled women who drive partnerships, scale planning, curriculum design, media presence, and research. Program team members are builders, networkers, and make a commitment to work alongside Essie staff, members, and partner organizations in furtherance of the Essie mission.

At times the Essie Program Team looks like a think tank -- meeting regularly to advise on specific components of our work as they may relate to gender theory, intersectionality, policy, law, and services provision. At times Essie Program Team membership may mean co-writing an OpEd, running point on a public awareness building campaign, or assisting an Essie member in preparing her story for the media. There is no specific qualification to apply to the Essie Program Team. Members are generalists - with a strong capacity to wear a variety of a hats. 

At bottom, Essie Program Team members are dedicated, and their dedication stems from a commitment to women impacted by mass incarceration, feminism, equality, and justice. They are social change obsessed. Each member makes Essie her top volunteer commitment for the duration of her tenure. 

Other things to know:

- Monthly meetings by phone.

- Applicants from all states encouraged to apply.

- Travel and accommodations for in-person retreats and strategy meetings provided.

- 2016 Program Team Members must be available to attend the Big Vision Strategy Retreat and #StandWithHer Policy Summit from January 14 - 18 in Santa Cruz, CA. Travel and accommodations provided. See below.